Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

Major Metro | State Human Services

An increasing number of major metro and state human services agencies are being tasked with modernizing their document management and case management systems in order to drive out waste, increase efficiencies, and improve service levels.

Agencies that have done their homework turn to Northwoods — the only ECM solutions provider that serves the social services market exclusively. Our productivity solutions are at work today at hundreds of agencies across the country.

Northwoods Has Changed How Human Services Is Delivered Statewide

Over the years, we have worked with thousands of caseworkers at human services agencies to develop software that allows them to be more productive and provide higher quality service to their clients. This uniquely qualifies us to offer the only ECM solution designed to meet the needs of complex social services agencies.

Northwoods’ flexible, scalable ECM solution has changed how human services is delivered across states and major metropolitan areas. It streamlines and automates cumbersome documentation processes, dramatically reducing the paperwork burden on workers by enabling fast, accurate data capture, retrieval, sharing, and storing, and complete integration with all critical business systems. This results in substantial benefits for agencies, workers, and clients alike:

  • Faster Delivery of Services — By automating the secure collection, retrieval, sharing, and storing of statewide case/client data and providing transparency into key business processes, agencies can deliver services to clients more quickly and help ensure that federal mandates for timeliness, accuracy, and participation are met.
  • Higher Quality Services — Agencies can deliver higher quality services because of the benefits the solution provides in key areas, including workflow design, client flow, document capture, mobile document management, and integration. For your clients, it means getting the answers they need, when they need them, without wasted time or duplicated effort.
  • Increased Client Access to Services — Because Northwoods offers mobile as well as desktop capabilities, caseworkers in the field can provide the same high level of service to clients in the field or in the agency’s office. This increased access to services ensures you are reaching all clients in your area who need your assistance.
  • Quick, Visible “Win” for Agency — The value of having complete, up-to-date electronic case/client files accessible to workers across the state or major metro area is realized almost immediately by end users. It delivers a quick, visible “win” for the agency — especially in comparison to a large-scale 24- to 36-month case management project.
  • Sound Investment — Our proven ECM solution can be used as an ideal building block for future projects. It integrates readily with and improves case management systems, making it a sound, low-risk investment for large social service agencies that need to modernize.