Traverse: Case Discovery

Traverse reads the case file like a caseworker to present a comprehensive story.

Using next-generation technology for child welfare and adult & aging agencies, Traverse presents a complete picture of a child or family’s past and present to safeguard their future.

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  • Quickly understand major life events
  • Identify possible placement options and positive supports
  • Uncover hidden or buried information
  • Build trust with families to support permanency
  • Make informed, confident safety decisions



Traverse shows major concepts in a case related to drugs, risk factors, and protective factors to make informed safety decisions. The automatic process uses a combination of machine learning and industry experts to develop a social services ontology. Dive deeper in this infographic.



Traverse creates a timeline of critical events—transitions from placements, schools, moves, medical events, and legal events. Caseworkers spend more time preparing for court hearings, case transfers, and adoption events.

Traverse creates a timeline of critical events

People Mentions and Connections

Traverse uncovers people mentioned in the case content and how they are connected including family and non-family members. Caseworkers quickly identify possible placement options or positive supports.

Traverse uncovers people mentioned in the case content

Full Text Search

Traverse automatically turns the entire case file into searchable text. Caseworkers can quickly and easily find what they are looking for without needing to know exactly which document contains the information.

Traverse turns the case file into searchable text

Utilization Reports

Agency leadership has basic utilization reports at their fingertips. For more robust reporting, Traverse can provide additional data to your agency’s existing reporting engine.