Traverse: Case Discovery

Traverse uncovers dark data to present a comprehensive case story.

An impactful system of engagement leverages next-generation technology for child welfare and adult & aging agencies so social workers can uncover dark data. It presents a complete picture of a child or family’s past and present to safeguard their future. This emerging solution is called case discovery. Take a tour.



Topic Extraction

Traverse compiles the most common topics used throughout the case and creates an associated word cloud. The most prominent words stand out clearly to help social workers quickly understand major topics, such as domestic violence or psychotropic medications. This helps social workers sort through a case file quickly, empowering them to make the best decisions to promote positive outcomes.


Traverse creates a timeline to reveal critical events—such as previous transitions of the child and family and or legal changes—that may have been unnoticed to a new worker. Social workers have a more holistic and chronological view of an entire case file. As a result, social workers can spend more time preparing for upcoming court hearings, case transfers, and adoption events.


Traverse uncovers the people mentioned in the case content including family and non-family members, so social workers can quickly identify possible placement options or positive supports connected to the case. Traverse also shows how people within the case content are connected to one another, giving the social worker the ability to visualize often complex situations.

Entity Extraction

Traverse looks for specific people, places, and things, such as drugs, facilities or body parts, to surface critical information that social workers may not be aware of.


Reports provide the supervisor or agency director insights into what type of work is being done in Traverse. Agency leadership can review data on who is adding content, what content is being added, and how content is being added.