Traverse: Data Collection

Caseworkers fill out electronic forms from anywhere without duplicate entry.

Caseworkers complete state and local forms electronically, enter case notes and narratives, and collect other supporting information regardless of location or connectivity. Traverse provides an easy and efficient data collection tool in a web-based application and mobile solutions for when interacting with clients. Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Northwoods manages all your agency’s forms so they are always up to date, and caseworkers work from the most recent version.

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  • Eliminate redundant processes
  • Reduce duplicate manual entry
  • Complete forms optimized for electronic devices regardless of location or connectivity
  • Access up-to-date state and local forms from one location
  • Improve interaction with clients and collaboration with caseworkers
  • Refer families to services faster


Exact Match

Exact match forms optimize how caseworkers enter information into forms and the completed electronic version looks like the original forms provided by courts, hospitals, schools and other service providers.

Exact Match Forms

Autofill Demographic Information

Traverse autofills client, case, and service provider information into state and county electronic forms. By reducing manual, duplicate data entry, caseworkers improve interactions with clients, increasing the potential for a positive case outcome.

Autofill demographic information

Sign Electronic Forms

Caseworkers work with clients and supervisors to collect, complete, and sign forms electronically. Caseworkers can digitally hand off forms to other Traverse users or a supervisor to review or sign the form.

Sign electronic forms

Autosave Progress

Traverse automatically saves forms in progress. Caseworkers can also copy and create forms to make minor changes without re-entering unchanged historical data.

Autosave progress

Electronic Forms are Automatically Included in Case File

Completed forms are automatically connected to the client, case, and/or service provider, allowing the social worker to save time and keep the case file organized.

Electronic forms automatically included in case file

Data Quality and Interoperability

Data entered into Traverse can be shared across agency systems, such as a Comprehensive Child Welfare Information System (CCWIS). Traverse communicates with other systems, allowing for bi-directional data exchange to reduce human errors.

Data quality and interoprability