The Northwoods Customer Journey for Social Services Agencies

How social services agencies are moving from paper

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Hear The Negative Impacts of Overwhelming Paperwork

Hear The Positive Outcomes of Mobile Automation

Positive Outcomes
Spend More Time With Families Icon

Spend More Time With Families

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Increase Employee Retention

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Reduce Burdensome Paperwork

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Make Processes More Efficient

What do agencies need in a mobile solution?

Everyone's needs are a little different based on who you talk to. Here's a rundown of how social workers, supervisors and directors think.

  • Biggest Concern:

    Spending quality time with clients and serving families.

    Additional Needs:

    • "I want to spend less time on paperwork."

    • "The solution must be intuitive, or I won't use it."

    • "It has to fit the flow of how I work, or it will be awkward."

    • "Please don't give me a big and bulky laptop."

  • Biggest Concern:

    Making sure my employees are well equipped to do their work.

    Additional Needs:

    • "Everyone must be well trained."

    • "Access to information must be easy and on-demand."

    • "We want our workers to spend more time with families."

    • "Employee morale is critical to me."

  • Biggest Concern:

    Ensuring safety, wellbeing and permanency to children, families and the community.

    Additional Needs:

    • "We need to reduce turnover."

    • "The technology has to show a measurable ROI."

    • "I want training new employees to be easy."

    • "Everything must be compliant with federal mandates."

The Solution:
Compass® CoPilot From Northwoods

Compass CoPilot is designed to work the way social workers do, and fits the flow of their daily activities.

Learn about the easy-to-use features below:

  • iPad Screenshot

    Dictation + Transcription

    Social workers can dictate their case notes and transcribe interviews to create case narratives that can then be uploaded to the case management system.

  • iPad Screenshot

    Auto-fill Forms

    Compass CoPilot fills in known information about the client or case automatically. After the worker completes any additional information that’s needed, both the client and worker can sign the form using the tablet.

  • iPad Screenshot

    Document Capture

    The social worker can capture high-resolution, color images of documents in disconnected mode while in the field. Documents are automatically associated with the client and can be shared with the supervisor or other workers.

  • iPad Screenshot

    Image Capture

    The social worker can capture high-resolution, color images of clients and living conditions. Images can be automatically tagged with date, time, client and social worker names, and more. The worker also has the option of adding captions.

  • iPad Screenshot

    Audio Recording

    Workers can record interviews with their clients and save them permanently as audio files in the electronic case file. This allows the social worker to focus their undivided attention on the client while ensuring that every word is captured and easily accessible for later case documentation during downtimes.

  • iPad Screenshot

    Secure Mobile System

    Compass CoPilot is password-protected and all information retained on the tablet is secured by the operating system with industry-standard encryption.

  • iPad Screenshot

    Data Syncing

    CoPilot can work in a disconnected mode. All of the information that the social workers capture in the field is synchronized with the agency's Compass® system back at the office. No need to lug huge case files around, they're all there – and up-to-date – on the tablet computer.


Implementation and Training:
Coach Model Ensures Success From the Start

Our implementation and training gets users up to speed quickly with a model that sticks. With an on-the-job focus on process change based on proven methods, we call it the Northwoods Coach Model.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

Northwoods trains key staff members to guide change management associated with the new technology.

Step 2

After training, coaches support team members at the office and in the field by addressing needs as they arise.

Step 3

Continual and ongoing mentoring ensures staff alignment and maximum use of the new technology.

Northwoods Coach Model Graphic Northwoods Coach Model Graphic Northwoods Coach Model Graphic
Testimonial Graphic

"It works well to identify key players who are able to be role models moving forward."

Carrie Meiners
Ongoing Case Management Social Worker
Winona County Community Services

What Can Coaching Do For You?


Improve teamwork by 67%

Reduce Conflict

Reduce conflict by 52%

Increase Productivity

Increase productivity by 86%

"Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching,” The Manchester Review, 2001, Volume 6, Number 1,

Time savings from 1-3 hours per day

Time Graphic

More accurate and timely notes

Notes Graphic

The results? Transformational benefits speak for themselves.

Increased compliance and audit-readiness

Audit Graphic

A 75% reduction in office supplies

Reduction Graphic

More time with families

Families Graphic

A 50% reduction in turnover

Turnover Graphic
Overview Image

Watch an interactive overview and learn how Compass CoPilot can transform your agency.