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Second Quarter 2021

Human services is a a top candidate for cloud migration, but there's still a lot of counties and states in the process of wrapping their heads around what—if any—cloud-based technologies are right for their needs.

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First Quarter 2021

It's so fitting that the 2021 Social Work Month theme is "Social Workers Are Essential." This past year has proven just how essential each and every worker is to helping individuals and families in need.

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Fourth Quarter 2020

During this year of uncertainty, isolation, and anxiety, social workers have shown their unwavering commitment to serving on the frontlines. We are so grateful for all of you who continue to work with the most vulnerable families, providing them with an extra level of support.

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Third Quarter 2020

Earlier this year, economic assistance agencies felt the crushing weight of the COVID-19 pandemic immediately. Seemingly overnight, they had to close their lobbies, limit interactions, shift to remote work or telework, and radically change the way they conduct business.

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