Child Support Administrator

As a child support administrator, your role is unique — from the basics of making sure custodial parents receive payment, to playing a supportive role to non-custodial parents. Challenges range from making sure payers have the resources to make payments, to establishing paternity, to providing resources for responsible parenting.

You also need to continually exchange information with a wide range of stakeholders, including state and county offices, attorneys general, departments of revenue, social service workers, law enforcement, lawyers, and more. Oftentimes the information you need is hard to find. Meanwhile, caseloads are growing.

While the demands of your job are ever-present, your burden can be lightened by working with a partner that understands these challenges and has created solutions to address them head-on. A partner like Northwoods.

What Keeps You up at Night?

  • Missing and low-quality data on non-custodial parents
  • Not meeting collection goals
  • Growing pressure to close cases within federal timeframes
  • Having to take on more cases while not having the budget to grow your headcount
  • Cumbersome documentation processes

What If...

  • Documentation bottlenecks were eliminated and capacity increased
  • Information on non-custodial parents was easily documented, updated, and retrieved
  • Client/case records were complete, accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible
  • The paperwork burden on caseworkers was dramatically reduced
  • Service levels and monthly collections increased

Northwoods Can Make It Happen for You and Your Agency

Northwoods is changing how human services programs are delivered. Our document management solutions dramatically reduce the paperwork burden on caseworkers by enabling fast, accurate data-sharing across and beyond the agency. This allows you to:

  • Increase productivity and service levels agency-wide
  • Know that workers are consistently evaluating a holistic representation of information, facts, evidence, and data on a timely basis from all available sources
  • Focus on the most critical, sensitive, high profile, or demanding cases
  • Easily keep track of complex case records and quickly share them with multiple constituents
  • Understand case-specific and agency-wide trends as they are developing and make decisions accordingly

Which Solution Is Right for You?

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Eliminate paper case files and streamline document management for caseworkers agency-wide, right from the desktop.

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