Economic Assistance

Our economic assistance solutions are built on our core expertise in data and information management. As technology evolves, so do our solutions.

We offer a variety of tools to help human services agencies digitize case files, engage clients in the way they are most comfortable, and automate routine business processes so economic assistance caseworkers can focus on high-value work.

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Our Solutions for Economic Assistance:



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Solutions for Economic Assistance

Medicaid | Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) | Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) | Cash Assistance | Child Care Assistance | Workforce | Energy

Client Engagement

At home on a mobile device or in the community

Clients can struggle to keep track of when, how, and what information to submit to verify eligibility. With our client self-service and guided service solutions, clients or the agency can initiate electronic communication and clients can initiate an application or submit verifications for benefits using a personal mobile device or computer. Once a case is established, clients receive email or text notifications to submit additional documents and required information for applications or redeterminations. All this can be done from clients’ homes, which is safer for both the client and the agency workers.

Electronic Document Drop-Off

Using a secure link on the agency’s website, clients upload and submit documents from their mobile device or desktop computer, which are routed to the correct caseworker or unit.

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Electronic document request

Caseworkers request documents from clients, who upload and submit documents from their mobile device or desktop computer using a secure link. Documents are routed to the correct caseworker or unit.

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Event Notifications

For individuals in danger of being denied benefits because they are missing the required verifications, Event Notifications sends clients an email or text reminder with a secure link to upload the documents from their mobile device or desktop computer.

Community Quick Scan

When clients are unable to come to the agency, they visit community resources closer to home such as public libraries and community centers to scan and submit application or verification documents.

Community Portal

To reduce the burden on clients of submitting the same documents to multiple organizations, agencies grant their community resources—such as homeless shelters or employment centers—access to specified documents based on the services provided by each organization.

In the lobby or call center

Clients who need assistance need to come into the agency but may find the lobby process overwhelming or frustrating. With our assisted-service solutions, the agency modernizes the physical lobby to offer dedicated document drop-off, self-service document drop-off and self-check-in for appointments.


Clients can avoid lines at the front desk by self-scanning requested documents in the lobby. Documents are sent directly to the document management system. Clients receive a printed confirmation.

Appointment Notifications

Send clients text, email, or phone call reminders about appointments to reduce missed appointments and avoid a disruption in benefits.


Allows clients to check themselves in for scheduled appointments using a tablet or kiosk in the lobby and immediately notify the front desk worker and caseworker.

Lobby Status Display

Monitors in the lobby show clients who is being served and where to go when their turn arrives. This allows clients to estimate their wait time and decreases frustration.

“Electronic document drop-off has allowed our customers to submit documents from their homes or anywhere they may be. It reduces barriers to service as there is no need for transportation, stamps, or finding time to come to the office.”

– Anne Lindseth, Economic Assistance Division Director, Beltrami County Health and Human Services

Process Automation

Caseworkers spend too much time on administrative work, which takes time away from doing high-value work with clients. The agency automates repetitive, redundant, high-volume work and processes, such as Medicaid renewals. The agency uses centralized bulk mail processing, automated online and fax application importing and routing, Interactive Voice Response integration with call centers, and shared services with regional offices. The result is smoother business processes, higher operational efficiencies, increased employee morale, and better quality service.

Automated Mailroom

Agencies with one or separate mailrooms at multiple locations centralize mailroom operations by automating renewal and redetermination mail processing, automated barcode mail processing, and automated returned mail processing. Documents are automatically routed to the correct caseworker or unit.

Shared Services

Agencies with multiple locations use standardized processes and a common document management system. Clients can work with any caseworker at any location and that caseworker has access to case information. Shared services results in more one-touch case resolutions and helps distribute work in a crisis or natural disaster.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Integration

The top three ways agencies use IVR: 1) Clients confirm their documents have been received without waiting to speak to an agency worker. 2) When clients need to speak to a worker, IVR automatically displays the case file after clients verify their identity through the phone system. 3) IVR accepts a “verbal signature” to process applications over the phone in real time.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Using a bot, RPA automates transactional, manual processes such as copying and pasting data from one system to another, requesting missing documents using a checklist, or updating addresses in multiple systems. RPA helps automate SNAP Interim Reports, Medicaid renewals, TANF redetermination, and Add-a-Baby.

Document Management & Client Flow

Streamline and simplify how caseworkers collect, retrieve, and share client and case information and forms. Caseworkers save 2 hours a day, decrease intake time, and complete applications and redeterminations within mandated timeframes. Agencies reduce client wait times and lines in the lobby.


With Compass Pilot, case and client data collected at any point in the system is immediately available to all workers and processes that need it.

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Compass® Appointments

Compass® Appointments improves lobby management and increases appointment scheduling productivity.

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Capture™ is a web-based distributed scanning application that provides simple, efficient, and accessible document capture. Built to work with your agency’s existing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, Capture allows users to scan and index documents in just a few simple steps.

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