Meet the Reviewer

Vice President, Protective Services - Rich Bowlen

Every day, every hour, thousands of kids are counting on just one person to give everything they have to make their day a little bit better than the one before. Rich Bowlen’s goal is and always has been to give his very best day in and day out to do the most good for the most kids.

When Rich served as director of a child and adult protective services agency, he did everything he could to support his social workers and supervisors, so they could help the kids and families relying on the agency’s care. Today, as Northwoods’ vice president and director of protective services, Rich is casting an even wider net—not only helping kids and families within one county, but all over the country.

Rich Bowlen

Rich serves as the voice for children and families and connector between Northwoods’ customers and employees. He focuses on providing a true partnership with customers, while growing Northwoods’ protective services team and guiding how we develop, implement, and support products aimed at helping social workers make a difference.

Rich also continues to promote and advocate for the work of protective services within Northwoods’ walls, as well as with local, state, and national government and industry leaders.

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