Document Management in the Office

Compass® Pilot changes the way caseworkers work via a single application.

With Compass Pilot installed on the desktop, case and client data that is collected at any point in the system is immediately available to all workers and processes that need it. For the agency, this results in dramatic increases in productivity and service levels throughout the organization. For caseworkers and social workers, it means that all of the time and energy they used to spend on paperwork can now be directed toward the most important aspect of their jobs—their clients. Compass Pilot can be configured a number of ways to deliver the functionality and features that will benefit agencies the most. 

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Features & Benefits

Document Capture

Document Capture

Allows caseworkers to easily scan and index documents at the point of origination, saving your agency valuable time and eliminating bottlenecks in the imaging area. Also available as a web-based product.

  • Use distributed capture to scan documents at any point of entry—the reception area, the mail room, or the caseworker’s office
  • Create high quality, categorized scans quickly
  • Index documents once for multiple clients or case files 
  • Automatically index basic client and case information for easier retrieval later
  • Make documents available instantly throughout the agency
  • Route documents to multiple recipients simultaneously
  • Track scans with configurable date and time stamp for improved visibility and compliance
  • Create configurable receipt for clients

Forms Management

Forms Management

Automates and simplifies the paper-based forms process, reducing time spent completing forms, speeding interviews, and significantly reducing agency costs. Easily design forms that look like paper to reduce anxiety for caseworkers.

  • Automatically pre-populates form fields with known information
  • Reduces data entry errors
  • Captures client and caseworker signatures on forms
  • Configurable to launch packets of forms commonly completed together 
  • Bookmark popular forms as favorites for easy access
  • Imports Microsoft® Word documents, web pages, and other documents into the document management system to avoid printing and rescanning
  • Keeps all agency forms consistent and up to date

Document Management


Provides instantaneous access to all electronic documents throughout the agency, saving time by eliminating the wait for documents to be pulled.

  • Locate all documents quickly and easily agency-wide
  • Map documents to the client for access across multiple cases
  • No more lost or misplaced documents
  • Client documents remain secure and accessible
  • Works with all types of document formats
  • Virtually print documents into the case file from other sources
  • Email documents to clients and providers

Client Management


Gives caseworkers and social workers quick access and control over the client and case information they need to do their jobs.

  • All client, case, and program information is cross-referenced for easy look-up
  • Stored information can be used to auto-populate both state and county forms
  • Stores client notes and case narratives in appropriate files
  • Client information can be easily updated
  • Updated data is automatically applied to all corresponding cases
  • Keeps client and case information organized and secure

Task Management

Task Management

Enables caseworkers and social workers to automatically organize and track the workflow of routine tasks from their desktop.

  • Assign a task to an available caseworker
  • Route documents to an individual caseworker or to a group for completion
  • Share work among caseworkers to ensure coverage
  • Allows supervisors to efficiently monitor, reassign, or complete tasks

Self-Scan Kiosks


Clients can scan and submit documents into the agency’s document management system on their own rather than waiting in long lines in a crowded lobby. The touchscreen interface guides clients through a few questions to confirm their identity before they scan documents. When you allow clients to scan their own documents in the lobby, you will reduce wait times and increase reception area productivity. See  Compass® Appointments for more ways to improve lobby management.




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