Traverse®: Content Collection and Case Discovery Solution

Traverse mobilizes content to enable social work from anywhere.

Social workers can efficiently collect, retrieve, and share case content and evidence from anywhere. Traverse automatically analyzes the information collected with no additional work required. This process empowers social workers, supervisors, directors, and state executives to make informed, confident decisions for the vulnerable adults, children, and families they serve.

Mobilize Content for Remote Teams in Child Welfare

Traverse helps agencies support the critical work of remote teams because social workers can access case content from anywhere, anytime regardless of location.

  • A web application that allows anyone in the agency to access all case content from anywhere
  • A mobile application that is optimized for when workers are in the field engaging with families
  • A mobile application that automatically syncs newly collected case content
  • Instant access to current or new case content from anywhere
  • Content can be contributed from anywhere regardless of connectivity
  • Social workers and supervisors can share documents, photos, and videos, and hand off work
  • Access to forms when working remotely regardless of connectivity


Case Discovery

Traverse automatically analyzes case content to quickly understand critical information from the past and present. Agencies have insight into specific, detailed information related to a particular person, case, or topic.

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Data Collection

Traverse reduces duplicate entry. Social workers can complete state and local forms, enter case notes and narratives, add service providers, and enter other supporting information important to the case from anywhere.

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Content Collection

Social workers can collect documents, photos, audio, or video from anywhere — connected or disconnected, creating an organized, easily accessible electronic case file.

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