Enhancing CCWIS with a System of Engagement

A next-generation system of engagement empowers Child Welfare social workers to maximize efficiency and effectiveness, and revolutionize how they deliver services and interact with clients. Learn how a system of engagement can modernize your agency from the bottom up and empower social workers with information. That way, they can focus on what matters most: helping children and families in need.

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Shining Light on Dark Data in Child Welfare

No worker realistically has time to digest and apply the amount of current and past case information available to them, and “dark data”—critical, but hidden information—gets created as a result. What are the challenges with dark data? Why do child welfare organizations need to find and use it, and what happens if they don’t? We created this eBook to answer those very questions.

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Shining Light on Dark Data in Adult & Aging

What is "dark data?" Why do adult & aging organizations need to use it? What are the consequences if they don’t? Download our eBook to learn more about the challenges of dark data and how your agency can overcome them to improve adult safety and well-being.

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