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For child support caseworkers, obtaining complete information regarding non-custodial parents and establishing parentage can take a great deal of time, and requires accurate and timely documentation.

Growing caseloads increase the level of difficulty for workers, especially when you consider the sheer volume of communication and information-sharing they do with parents, courts, attorneys, and other third parties — for every case in their queue.

Unfortunately, most caseworkers lose valuable time every day to the antiquated documentation systems and manual processes they are forced to use to collect, retrieve, and share information. This makes it impossible to be truly efficient and provide complete client service, which can delay families from accessing resources and children from receiving the support they need for their well-being.

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Real-time Access to Quality Information Increases Productivity and Service Levels

Northwoods has spent thousands of hours with child support caseworkers, supervisors, and attorneys to understand their challenges and develop document management solutions to ease their paperwork burden.

Our solutions are systems of engagement, which provide a flexible, lightweight, intuitive, and user-centric interface that is designed for collaboration and daily work.

Our proven software solutions streamline and simplify how child support caseworkers collect, retrieve, and share high-quality client/case data based on how they use the information to do their jobs. The results achieved by child support agencies are transformative:

  • Locate non-custodial parent information faster and easier with real-time, statewide data sharing
  • Streamline the application approval process and increase the accuracy of approvals
  • Provide a higher level of service and support to custodial and non-custodial parents
  • Automate business processes such as case modifications and emancipation, and eliminate documentation bottlenecks
  • Speed up the processing of court orders and other documents to meet timeframes and help secure financial resources for families faster
  • Substantially decrease audit prep time and increase audit approval rates
  • Caseworkers and attorneys can properly prepare for court in less time
  • Close cases more quickly without adding headcount
  • Increase monthly collections

Simultaneously Improve Service Quality, Productivity, and Agency Outcomes

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Eliminate paper case files and streamline document management for caseworkers agency-wide, right from the desktop.

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Download the Robeson County Department of Social Services case study and find out how the agency increased service levels and saved $2 million by going paperless.

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