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Child welfare social workers do critical work, often under difficult circumstances. With so much at stake, the time and attention they give to clients has the power to change lives. Workers want to focus on improving outcomes, increasing safety, and reducing trauma to children, but inefficient processes, overwhelming paperwork, and redundant work can stand in the way.

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Efficiency and Client Well-Being Improve When You Lighten the Paperwork Burden

Northwoods has spent thousands of hours with child welfare social workers and supervisors to understand their challenges and develop content management, mobile, and case discovery solutions to ease their paperwork burden and increase service levels.

Our solutions are systems of engagement, which provide a flexible, lightweight, intuitive, and user-centric interface that is designed for collaboration and daily work.

Agencies use our software solutions to increase their productivity in the office and in the field so social workers can spend more time doing the work they love and less time documenting what they did. The solutions for child welfare allow you to:

  • Help workers repurpose up to 2 hours per day previously spent on administrative work to spend time building trust and doing high-value work with families
  • Boost employee morale and social worker retention
  • Meet timeliness requirements for investigations and home visits, and shorten time to permanency
  • Gain more time to talk to collateral contacts, provide referrals, and provide transportation to appointments
  • Improve worker safety and productivity in the field with mobility
  • Improve collaboration between the agency, families, and community providers
  • Spend significantly less time preparing for audits while improving audit results
  • Collect, view, and share information immediately to make informed, confident safety decisions
  • Gain greater visibility into staff, cases, and agency outcomes
  • Understand community trends by viewing real-time data

Simultaneously Increase Service Quality, Productivity, and Worker and Client Satisfaction

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Empower social workers to collect, view, and share content anywhere, anytime to make informed, confident safety decisions.

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Read the AWS case study, Northwoods Mobilizes Content for Caseworkers Using AWS-Based Application, to learn how Northwoods helps Pennsylvania’s Erie County Office of Children and Youth digitize case files, enabling remote caseworkers to serve vulnerable children and families. 

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