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Onboarding Made Easy with Simple Software

Katie, an adult services supervisor, says Traverse® has helped her staff refine processes and complete work in the moment. The software is so simple and easy to navigate that onboarding new workers is seamless.


Dare County Department of Health & Human Services needs web-based software for its adult services team that supports both mobile and office-based processes. Traverse, Northwoods’ cloud-based, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) document management, forms management, and mobility software, allows social workers and staff to access their case files and information from any location. Social workers have seen value right away because the software is so easy to learn and use.

“I felt very confident showing someone else how to navigate it appropriately, even though it was a small amount of time we had been working in Traverse. That's a big deal for a supervisor.”


Adult Services Supervisor, Dare County Department of Health & Human Services


Dare County DHHS’s adult services unit needed a tool to support both mobile and office-based processes. They needed something that would be easy to use, no matter how tech-savvy anyone might feel.

Easy onboarding

Technology that’s too difficult to learn can slow down new workers from getting started on their caseloads and hinder adoption.

Work from anywhere

Adult services social workers are mainly in the field by nature seeing clients, doing home visits, and visiting facilities that provide services, but COVID-19 further illuminated the need for staff to access their case files and information from any location.

Disconnected mode

The county’s VPN was difficult to navigate and not always reliable, which could impact technology that relied on the connection. A web-based tool that’s accessible on any county-issued device and doesn’t require a VPN alleviates those issues. More important, mobile apps should work regardless of connectivity.


Social workers, on-call staff, transportation aides, and other workers at Dare County DHHS use Traverse to scan, upload, store, and view documents and other case content in centralized electronic files. Faster access to relevant information across programs creates better support for clients’ overall well-being

“Our workers have full accessibility to case files and documents no matter where they are and on multiple devices. They all have laptops, iPads, and smartphones that are county-issued. To be able to access Traverse on any of those has been helpful," Katie says.

From an onboarding perspective, the software is so simple and intuitive that new workers catch on after just a couple of steps. First, they watch in-app educational videos that are always up to date to see how Traverse works. Then, they review with Katie or another staff member the specific functions they’ll use and where to find the forms they need. Contextual help, live chat, and other self-service options are available right in the app so workers get additional support in the way they want if needed.

“Traverse is the biggest part of our onboarding. It's very easy to navigate so it’s been pretty seamless,” Katie says. "The videos are an easy, self-paced way for workers to learn the new program or go back and be able to reference something."


Dare County DHHS is supporting workers with a quality product that’s easy to use and allows them to maintain their work.

User-friendly software

Everything workers need is right there on the home screen. Since new users don’t have to waste time figuring out how to navigate the software, they can get value from it sooner.

Search and filter documents

Not only can social workers access all their cases in one spot, but information is organized in a way that makes it easier to find and use to engage clients.

Complete work in the moment

Traverse has helped speed up how workers take reports and intakes. For example, an on-call worker can create a report as they’re talking to someone on the phone.




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