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Investing in Technology to Empower Caseworkers

Joe, a child welfare director, says that workers using Traverse® can fully focus on doing the job they signed up to do—making a difference and assisting families in being healthy, safe, and self-sufficient.


Child welfare caseworkers do incredibly important work under extremely difficult circumstances. One way agency directors and program administrators can make a difference for their staff is by providing purpose-built technology that enhances this critical work while minimizing administrative burdens.

Traverse gives caseworkers at Mesa County Department of Human Services in Colorado the ability to utilize all the meaningful content and information they need—including the entire case history—to help children and families succeed. Joe says the software helps boost caseworkers’ morale and balance.

“A system like this is absolutely needed to support caseworkers to do what I believe they are walking through the door to do. That’s to keep kids safe, to find them permanency, and to assist families in being healthy and self-sufficient.”


Child Welfare Director, Mesa County Department of Human Services


Joe has seen first-hand how both the child welfare system and the families it serves have gotten more complex over the past several years.

Prioritizing practice.

Like many child welfare directors, Joe believes it takes highly skilled caseworkers to handle these complex cases, while meeting increased demand to demonstrate how they’re effectively engaging families. He knows that focusing on prevention and safety requires prioritizing practice over simply meeting requirements.

System limitations.

Caseworkers wanted to focus on improving outcomes, but existing electronic filing systems couldn’t keep up with complex families or cases.


Traverse allows caseworkers to repurpose time previously spent on administrative tasks to fully focus on building trust, engaging families, and reducing trauma. The cloud-based software helps caseworkers easily collect and retrieve case information, while accessing electronic case files from anywhere. They can mine critical information and data to make safety and permanency decisions, plus complete digital forms with families to refer them to services faster.


Joe says connecting a software product to child welfare practice is already leading to safer decisions and stronger families.

Trust and transparency.

Being able to quickly get authorizations or supervisor oversight on safety plans while discussing processes and services in real time helps caseworkers create trusting and transparent relationships with families, which helps them more successfully navigate the road ahead.

Collaborate on decisions.

Because caseworkers can complete administrative work with families, they can focus more on having conversations and brainstorming solutions.

Fulfilled caseworkers.

Giving caseworkers more time with families helps with their morale and balance. They have space to grow as professionals and people, which has a positive impact on their work.


Customer Story

Customer Story

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