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Streamlining Services to Support Families

Ericka, an assessment caseworker, uses Traverse® to complete digital forms with families. She can streamline services faster and credits the software with improving her quality of work.


Manual paperwork used to be a burden for Ericka when responding to intakes, especially when she lacked access to all the forms and important information she needed when doing assessments. Traverse solves the problem, allowing Ericka to complete digital forms with families to make referrals and complete consent forms before leaving their homes. She can also quickly mine case information and history to determine if a family’s issues can be resolved in the home and a child can remain there safely.

“Our quality of work with clients has been dramatically improved through the ability to access forms, data mine, and do all the things Traverse allows us to do.”


Social Caseworker II, Mesa County Department of Human Services


Manual paperwork used to be a burden for Ericka when responding to intakes. She had to be prepared for every possible circumstance, which meant carrying around huge amounts of paperwork and hoping she had the form she needed. If not, it delayed her ability to coordinate services.


Ericka uses Traverse to work with clients and supervisors to complete and get signatures on forms electronically and from anywhere. She can also surface current and historic case information, such as medical reports or police reports, to determine whether there’s enough concern to open a case.

“Being able to dig back through, click on something, and learn some information from it has been really beneficial when it comes to determining whether we have enough concern that we need to open a case or we’ve already taken enough steps to back off based on patterns in the family.”


Ericka can streamline services faster. She can walk out of a family’s house with all the documents and information she needs to do what they were talking about in the moment. She can quickly complete referrals and releases of information and make better decisions for the safety of the kids.


Customer Story

Customer Story

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