Helping human services agencies do more is all we do.

Northwoods is different from most technology companies. Our only focus is helping state and county human services agencies increase client service levels and productivity while cutting costs — allowing them to do more with less.

Today, our human services software solutions are improving the work lives of caseworkers at more than 100 human services agencies across the country — and that gets paid forward to the clients they serve every day.

Why are we so focused on human services? Because it’s our background and our passion, and an underserved market. Many of us have worked at human services agencies. We understand the pressures of increasing caseloads, shrinking budgets, compliance issues, endless paperwork, and the desire to serve clients better, but not having the right human services technology to make it happen.

That’s why we offer our content management, appointment management, and case discovery software solutions. Our solutions are focused exclusively on making caseworkers’ lives a bit easier. They follow caseworkers’ and social workers’ natural processes of collecting and using client and case data, and make the data immediately available how, when and where caseworkers throughout the agency need it. In the process we improve the accuracy, timeliness and completeness of the data needed to make agency decisions and to report to state and federal agencies.

We feel good that we’re helping change the way caseworkers work. By drastically lessening their paperwork burden, they’re free to focus on the most important aspect of their jobs — their clients. Of course, the agencies benefit as well, through lower operational expenses, higher client service levels, and greater visibility into operations.

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At Northwoods, we make great software solutions for social services, but it's our people who make the real difference.

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When you work at Northwoods, you are part of a team that is passionate about our customers.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Seneca County Arming Caseworkers with New Technology to Manage Cases

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